i 50 Cross helmets

i 50 Cross helmets

What distinguishes the new i 50 cross helmet from HJC?

  • Sophisticated polycarbonate shell
  • Low weight
  • Excellent fit
  • Outstanding comfort through the use of advanced CAD technology

The HJC i 50 cross helmet with new SLID technology

What does the i 50 offer?

  • Extended visor cutout provides maximum field of view and increased safety
  • Optimized shell design for a perfect eyewear seat: two positions for the eyeglass strap ensure comfort and perfect fit of the eyewear
  • Excellent ventilation: 9 suction ports and 4 exhaust ducts keep the head cool and comfortable
  • The spacious chin area gives the rider maximum comfort
  • Slide Layer Impact Distribution (SLID): SLID reduces the rotational acceleration caused by skewed impacts and provides a multi-directional range of movement and added comfort
  • Aerodynamic and adjustable helmet shield: Reduces lift at high speeds and can be optimally adapted to any situation
  • Large, adjustable and unbreakable helmet shield included in delivery

With the i 50 Crosshelm by HJC we turn every motorcycle ride into a real adventure

The SupercoolTM lining of the i 50 is removable and washable. The double-D closure provides extra safety when driving. Wearers of glasses are also well-advised with the helmet, because the inner workings were designed so that glasses can find their place without problems.
The i 50 is also suitable for a neck support, with which the protection is increased again (not included)

The SLID (Slide Layer Impact Distribution) technology of the i 50

SLID is the latest technology that helps to redirect the influence of energy on the brain by reducing the rotational acceleration caused by oblique shocks. SLID also offers a multi-directional range of motion and added comfort inside the helmet without compromising sweat absorption.

Size Chart - Find the right i 50 for you

The helmet is available in two shell sizes. The smaller covers the sizes XS to M, so the head circumference of 53 cm to 58 cm. The larger shell size covers L to XXL, ie 59 to 64 cm. So every head finds the right helmet.

Find the right size:

HJC i50 size chart


The decors of the HJC i 50

The i 50 comes for the start in 10 decore variations. If you are interested in a decor that you can not find with us, please contact us using our contact form.

Here you will find the decor overview of the HJC i 50:

HJC i 50 decors