i 70 Full Face helmets

i 70 Full Face helmets

What distinguishes the new i 70 helmet?

  • Sophisticated polycarbonate shell
  • Low weight
  • great fit
  • Outstanding comfort through the use of advanced CAD technology

i 70 motorcycle helmet - the new HJC full face helmet 2019!

What does the i 70 offer?

  • Vision Plus (+ 10mm) Wide Shield HJ-31 provides a wider field of view
  • Scratch-resistant sun visor HJ-V9 with great visibility: Better peripheral vision, helps to reduce eye strain and provides excellent sun protection
  • Powerful ventilation: Five lower and upper ventilation openings. The airflow diverts heat and humidity up and out
  • Micro latch: Quick release and lock; multiple adjustable
  • Ultrafast, easy and safe sighting
  • Visor with holders for anti-fog disc
  • Antifogged disc included!

The perfect companion for all tours - The i 70 scores on every level

The Supercool ™ lining and the cheek pads of the i 70 are interchangeable and washable. The sun visor is scratch resistant and 99% anti-UV resistant. Sun does not bother the sun while riding a motorcycle anymore.

Thanks to the new HJ-31 visor, the rider now has a wider field of vision - pure freedom on the road! And with the anti-fog lens provided, the visor no longer fogs up when driving. The helmet is also suitable for wearers of glasses, which he addresses every target group of motorcyclists.

Size Chart - Find the right HJC i 70 for you

The helmet is available in two shell sizes. The smaller covers the sizes XXS to M, so the head circumference of 52 cm to 58 cm. The larger shell size covers L to XXL, ie 59 to 64 cm. So every head finds the right helmet.

HJC i 70 size chart

The variety of the i 70 - Strong decors and unique designs

The i 70 comes in a large variety of decor and will certainly over time even more variant rich. For the start of the season in 2018/2019 the helmet comes in 24 different decors and colors. Most decors we carry in our assortment. If you are interested in a decor that you can not find with us, please contact us using our contact form.

Here you will find the decor overview of the HJC i 70:

HJC i 70 all decors 2018/2019