Helite airbag leather jacket CUSTOM safety vest for motorcyclists with turtle technology


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Helite airbag leather vest CUSTOM with turtle technology for optimum safety with style

Including capsule and ripcord!
With the custom leather airbag vest no compromises between style and safety are necessary. The integrated Turtle technology ensures optimum protection.

This is what characterizes the Custom Leather Vest by Helite

airbag protection
The shape of our HELITE airbag offers complete protection: back, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, abdomen, etc. 18 L protective volume for optimum pressure. Fast tripping time in about 100 ms.

Turtle technology
The custom leather vest is equipped with the TURTLE technology. The airbag is located under the back protector (SAS-TEC Level 2). The hard outer protector in combination with the shock-absorbing air cushion ensures optimum impact absorption and protection against puncture. The non plus ultra in terms of protection.

Mechanical release system
Helite airbags are 100% mechanical to prevent false tripping, failure and battery replacement. There is no special tool or technical knowledge required to attach the ripcord to the vehicle.

A SAS-TEC back protector Level 2 is integrated into the leather vest for a TURTLE effect.

Quick and easy renewal of the CO2 capsule by the driver himself. The capsule is in a separate bag.

Elastic fabric
For optimal neck protection is an elastic fabric above the back (well hidden by Velcro).

quality leather
Our custom leather vest is made of black quality leather (1.2 mm thick cowhide).

Access through zipper on the back and the left side for your own patches.

Elastic leather
Elastic leather on the sides ensures a perfect fit and a high level of comfort.

Good arm freedom
The large armholes guarantee a free mobility and leave enough space for the motorcycle equipment or clothes below the vest.

3 outside pockets, 2 inside pockets (classic + smartphone).

Our airbags are certified by the independent laboratory CRITT Sport. CRITT Sport is a specialist in the objective testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Product weight
4 kilograms

The protective functions of the custom vest at a glance

    TURTLE airbag model, complete with air and maximum pressure after 80-100ms - CE certified, latest model.
    The hard outer protector in combination with the shock-absorbing air cushion ensures optimum shock absorption and protection against puncture
    The Helite Custom Airbag Vest is released mechanically, which prevents false triggering or failure. Changing batteries is not necessary.
    Very high abrasion resistance, because stable 1.2 mm thick cowhide to protect the airbag chamber.
    SAS-TEC EN1621-2, CE certified comfortable back protector
    Close fit with elastic material on the arms and shoulders
    removable thermal lining (100% polyester) provides warmth at low temperatures
    KNOX CE certified protectors for elbows and shoulders
    Outer and inner pockets

This is how the Helite Airbag Vest CUSTOM works

Visually, the CUSTOM leather vest hardly differs from a leather vest without airbag system. Anyone who has previously refrained from buying an airbag vest, because they optically not fit to his machine is well served with the CUSTOM. Only the clip with which the vest is connected to the rip cord on the vehicle reveals what is in the vest. The vest is fashionably cut, comfortable to wear through stretch inserts on the sides and also provided with patches by the removable airbag. The 17-24 liter protective volume provides protection for the neck, spine, ribcage, pelvis, coccyx, head, collarbone and internal organs. In addition to an immense impact protection, the airbag stabilizes the entire torso against twisting. The 17-24 liter protective volume provides protection for the neck, spine, ribcage, pelvis, coccyx, head, collarbone and internal organs. In addition to an immense impact protection, the airbag stabilizes the entire torso against twisting.

The triggering is done via a ripcord, which is firmly connected to the vehicle and is plugged in when rising on the vest. An accidental release by forgetting the ripcord when getting off the vehicle is very unlikely, since a force of about 300Nm is needed to operate the airbag. By replacing the CO2 cartridge, the jacket can be used immediately after a release.

When triggered, the system has the optimum pressure after 80-100 milliseconds to achieve full protection. This period of time was determined by Helite's many years of experience and numerous calculations and tests to provide the optimal pressure to protect the body at the time of impact. Already during the triggering process, when the full pressure has not yet been reached, important parts of the body are protected. In addition to the airbag system, the jacket has a SAS TEC CE2 certified high quality back protector.

The vest has the innovative turtle system. In this case, the Sas-Tec back protector is like a turtle shell over the airbag when triggered. The spine thus remains free of any stress and punctual forces are effectively distributed and absorbed on the entire airbag in the back area. The protection is therefore many times higher than with a standard airbag.

Frequently asked questions about the Custom Leather Vest

Can I wear the Custom Leather Vest even in the rain?
The custom leather vest is of very good quality and can also be worn in the rain. However, it is not waterproof, so we advise you to wear a rain jacket under your custom. If you want to wear a jacket over the custom, it should sit loose enough so that the deployment of the airbag is not obstructed and optimum protection can be ensured.

How can I take care of the custom leather vest?
As with any leather jacket, care is needed to maintain flexibility and color. We advise you to maintain your airbag jacket regularly with appropriate products. Attention, do not wash the jacket in the washing machine and do not use detergents, otherwise the leather may be damaged.

Can I carry a backpack over the airbag?
Yes. Note, however, that the airbag will not trip properly if there is a major resistance. We therefore recommend that you adjust the shoulder straps as loosely as possible.

Is the airbag reusable?
The airbag can also be used again after activation, provided that it is in good condition and has no holes or cracks. If the airbag has deployed after a fall, the system is ready for use again in less than 2 minutes: you only need to screw in a new CO2 capsule. The capsules are available from our specialist dealers worldwide. Take a look at our video "INSTALL A NEW CARTRIDGE".

Can the airbag activate by itself? What happens if I forget to "unbuckle"?
The pulling force to activate the airbag is between 20 and 30 kg (depending on the size). If the driver forgets to unbuckle, he feels a strong pressure on the jacket before the airbag triggers. As well as the buckling and buckling while driving, the "buckling and buckling" of the motorcycle ripcord quickly becomes habituation.

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