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HELITE capsule for airbag jackets and vests


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Helite capsule 60 cc for airbag jackets and vests One key component of the airbag is the CO2 capsule. The capsule is the only part of the airbag jacket, which must be replaced after an accident. The capsule can be used for several years. However, their review in annual tonus is recommended. In order to buy the appropriate CO2 capsule, check the embossing on the capsule. Using the total weight (TW), select the capsule: Total weight (TW) / gram Capsule required Between 150 and 155 - 50 cc Between 180 and 185 - 60 cc Between 295 and 305 - 100 cc The listed CO2 capsules are suitable for all Helmet motorcycle jackets and Point Two riding vests.
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