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HJC Full Face helmet i70 CRAVIA MC1SF with large visor field of view sun visor and anti-fog lens





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This helmet comes with a clear visor!

HJC integral helmet i70 Cravia MC1SF with sun visor and anti-fog lens


    * clear vision plus (+ 10mm) wide visor with large field of view
    * including anti-fog disc

The features of the i70

    * 2 cup sizes
    * Advanced polycarbonate shell
    * Low weight
    * excellent fit
    * Great comfort through the use of advanced CAD technology
    * Powerful ventilation: Five lower and upper vents. The airflow diverts heat and humidity up and out
    * Micro catch: quick release and lock; multiple adjustable
    * Supercool lining: replaceable and washable
    * Suitable for people who wear glasses

Visor and sun visor

    * Vision Plus (+ 10mm) Wide Shield HJ-31 visor provides wider field of vision
    * Scratch-resistant sun visor HJ-V9 with great visibility: Better peripheral vision, helps to reduce eye strain and provides excellent sun protection (anti-UV 99%)
    * Ultrafast, easy and safe sighting
    * Visor with holders for anti-fog disc; Antifogged disc included.

The perfect companion for all tours - The i 70 Cravia MC1SF scores on every level
The Supercool ™ lining and the cheek pads of the i 70 are interchangeable and washable. The sun visor is scratch resistant and 99% anti-UV resistant. Sun does not bother the sun while riding a motorcycle anymore.

Thanks to the new HJ-31 visor, the rider now has a wider field of vision - pure freedom on the road! And with the anti-fog lens provided, the visor no longer fogs up when driving. The helmet is also suitable for wearers of glasses, which he addresses every target group of motorcyclists.
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