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Nexx sports full-face helmet X.R3R carbon fiberglass F.I.M with double-D lock and rear spoiler

(uvp) €539.99


(uvp) €539.99


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Discover the Nexx X.R3R: A helmet that sets standards

This helmet is supplied with a clear visor including Pinlock. The decals also include an extra visor and a customised spoiler:

  • Carbon white red + visor heavily tinted & clear spoiler extension
  • Glitch Racer orange blue + visor red & red spoiler extension
  • Glitch Racer red white + visor heavily tinted & heavily tinted spoiler extension
  • Glitch Racer white neon + visor pink & pink spoiler extension
  • Ghost + visor heavily tinted & heavily tinted spoiler extension
  • Golden Edition + visor iridium gold & golden spoiler extension
  • Hagibis + visor iridium blue & blue spoiler extension
  • Izo + visor iridium red & lightly tinted spoiler extension
  • Pro FIM Evo Carbon + visor 80% heavily tinted & clear spoiler extension
  • Zero Pro Carbon red matt + visor iridium red & red spoiler extension
  • Zero Pro Carbon red silver matt + visor iridium silver & silver spoiler extension
  • Zero Pro Carbon black matt + visor heavily tinted & heavily tinted spoiler extension
  • Zero Pro 2 Carbon gold matt + visor iridium gold & gold spoiler extension
  • Zero Pro 2 Carbon black matt + visor heavily tinted & heavily tinted spoiler extension
  • Zero Pro 2 Carbon red matt + visor iridium red & red spoiler extension

When it comes to high-quality motorbike helmets, the Nexx X. R3R is a true game changer. This helmet sets new standards in terms of safety, comfort and aerodynamics. It offers a combination of innovative features and first-class materials that turn every ride into an unrivalled experience. For riders who don't want to compromise, the Nexx X.R3R is the first choice.

Why you should buy the Nexx X.R3R:

  • Unrivalled safety: Equipped with the latest homologation standard ECE/22-06 and an emergency harness system.
  • Optimal ventilation: With special air chambers and an advanced chin ventilation system for maximum riding comfort.
  • Top comfort: Thanks to the adaptive crown fit system and finely adjustable cheek pads, the helmet adapts to any head shape.
  • Aerodynamic stability: Aerodynamic shell and rear spoiler extension for perfect stability at high speeds.
  • Crystal-clear vision: With a visor retraction system and panoramic field of vision for unrestricted and clear vision.

Features of the Nexx X.R3R

The Nexx X.R3R combines high-tech with comfort. The highly acclaimed Air Cumbs cooling chamber ensures first-class ventilation, while the innovative X-Mart Dry Fabric regulates moisture and keeps you feeling fresh. The aerodynamic design is complemented and stabilised by the Visor Anti-Vibration plates, which minimise vibrations and ensure a clear view, no matter how fast the ride. The helmet encloses the head with an adaptive crown fit system that prevents pressure points and accompanies the rider throughout the day. The Emergency Strap System V2 is a safety feature that guarantees speed and protection in an emergency. The Nexx X.R3R is light as a feather and offers maximum protection and comfort at the same time.

Complete features of the Nexx X.R3R

  • X-PRO Carbon or X-Matrix helmet shell

    The Nexx X.R3R is synonymous with innovation in the motorbike helmet sector and embodies an unrivalled overall package for demanding bikers who value safety, comfort and performance. X-Matrix helmet shell
  • Flat visor, prepared for tear-off use
  • Aero shell for optimum aerodynamics
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic inner lining
  • 3D-moulded padding, removable and washable
  • Chin wind stopper
  • Air Dynamic System with 6 inlet and 4 outlet vents
  • Removable breathing protection
  • Weight: 1350 g +/- 50 g (X-Pro Carbon), 1650 g +/- 50 g (X-Matrix2)
  • Homologation: ECE/22-06
  • Extended chin ventilation system
  • Double visor block safety system
  • Translucent rear spoiler extension
  • Rubber anti-vibration visor plate
  • Special cooling system "Air Cumbs"
  • Adaptive crown fit system
  • Special cooling system "Air Cumbs"
  • Special cooling system "Air Cumbs"
  • Adaptive crown fit system
  • Adaptive crown fit system
  • Emergency harness system in the cheek pads
  • Finely adjustable cheek pads
  • Helmet without dynamic weight at 160 km/h
  • X-LOCK system with double D-ring and magnetic D-ring and magnetic X-LOCK button
  • X-SENSUS Vision with panoramic field of vision
  • Visor retraction mechanism for perfect sealing
  • Advanced ventilation for fresh air supply
  • Comprehensive sound insulation concept with vortex generators
  • Weight
    - 1350 g +/- 50 g (X-Pro Carbon)
    - 1650 g +/- 50 g (X-Matrix2 )

Improved performance and comfort with the Nexx X. R3R

The Nexx X.R3R is more than just a safety helmet, it's a statement on the road. With advanced features developed specifically for the needs of racers and passionate bikers, the Nexx X.R3R offers an unrivalled combination of safety and riding experience. The helmet is equipped with the visionary Pinlock system and the double-layer rubber seal, which ensure optimum visibility and reduced wind noise. Added to this is the adaptive cheek pad system, which offers a customised fit and therefore significantly increases wearing comfort. Enjoy every ride with the certainty that with the Nexx X.R3R you are wearing a helmet that leaves nothing to be desired.

Innovative technologies in the Nexx X.R3R

The Nexx X.R3R reflects the latest innovative power in helmet design. The integration of technical refinements, such as the rear spoiler extension that stabilises at high speeds and the focus on improved aerodynamics, illustrate the performance-oriented development of the helmet. In addition, the innovative double-block system ensures reliable visor closure, which protects the rider from unwanted interruptions while riding. The feeling of lightness, combined with a sophisticated ventilation system, makes the Nexx X.R3R the ideal companion for tours in a wide range of conditions. Become part of a new era of motorcycling with the Nexx X.R3R.

Aditional Information
model name Nexx X.R3R
Age group Erwachsene
Gender Unisex
Material Carbon-Fiberglas
Waterproof No
Helmet Type Integralhelm
ECE test ECE 22.06
Pinlock Nein
Sun Visor Nein
shutter Doppel-D Ring
with CE Approval No
Brand No
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