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X-Lite Full Face Helmet X-903 ULTRA CARBON Modern Class High-end supertouring helmet with ultra-wide pinlock visor and sun visor





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X-lite Full Face Helmet X-903 Ultra Carbon Modern Class Supertouring next generation motorcycle helmet

With the X-903, X-lite presents a true supertouring helmet: the fully equipped integral model scores top driving comfort and an elegant and very aerodynamic shape with a host of innovative features such as the magnet-assisted visor quick assembly or an individually adjustable height interior. The "Ultra Carbon" version combines a further reduced weight with eye-catching designs.

The features of the X-903 Ultra Carbon X-Lite

The brand new supertouring full-face helmet X-lite X-903 sets standards in its segment. It combines an elegant, sporty outer shell, including the best in aerodynamics, with innovative detail solutions and touring full equipment that leaves nothing to be desired.

Visor and sun visor

    Extra large field of vision thanks to "Ultrawide" visor with innovative, ultra-fast and precise visor mounting thanks to the patented Magnetic Visor Assembly (MVA) system
    The "Ultra Carbon" version provides through ultra-light carbon fiber shell for additional weight reduction of up to 110 grams compared to the already extremely light X-903
    "Tilt" -Visiermechanik allows the use of an extra-large Pinlock® inner visor
    Pinlock included
    VPS sun visor with numerous click stops

interior decoration

    Exclusive Carbon Fitting Racing Experience lining: the active carbon fibers used are highly breathable, 100% natural, bacteriostatic and antistatic without prior treatment, including the new, patented Liner Positioning Control (LPC) system for best fit of the lining in the helmet, large mesh areas for airy-free head feeling
    Cheek pads with innovative "Steadyfit" for best fit of the helmet in every racing situation


    Separately adjustable air inlets on the forehead, head and chin section of the helmet and air vents on the sides and under the spoiler ensure optimum air circulation inside the helmet. Improved opening flaps and gate valves with higher throughput provide for maximum fresh air for breathing and around the driver's head when needed.


    Microlock² closure

Other features

    Sophisticated aerodynamics ensure low driving noise in the helmet
    Proven "eyewear adaptive" system for wearers of glasses (reversible)
    More safety through the Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS) for easy removal of the cheek pads after a fall
    Three helmet shell sizes for small dimensions and minimal weight
    Helmet shell made of fiberglass

Prepared for N-COM communication systems

    B901 X


     ECE 22.05

The special features of the X-903 Ultra Carbon

Sporty elegance and best comfort: Like no other helmet, the new X-lite X-903 combines a super sporty look with the full equipment that today's demanding drivers expect from a touring helmet. At the forefront of the development were the highest levels of comfort as well as innovative features that offer the wearer real advantages in everyday life. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the new, patented Magnetic Visor Assembly (MVA) system. The installation of the "Ultrawide" visor with extra-large field of view is thus made easier than ever before, it is by magnetic support almost "automatically" vonstatten. In addition, the visor has a mechanism with spring-assisted "tilt" function: When opening and closing the visor moves only a few millimeters in the horizontal direction before the actual folding process. This allows the use of a particularly large Pinlock® inner visor without disturbing edges in the driver's field of vision. In addition, this ensures a tight fit of the visor on the circumferential seal. The innovative sighting system of the X-903 is completed by an interior, finely adjustable sun visor.

The shape of the X-903 not only looks particularly sporty, the helmet also sets thanks to her standards in terms of aerodynamics and especially low driving noise in the helmet. The helmet also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to interior furnishings: Activated carbon fibers make the exclusive Carbon Fitting Racing Experience lining material particularly breathable and antistatic.
Another innovative feature is the patent pending Liner Positioning Control System (LPC). With the aid of an easy-to-use adjustment strap, the interior and thus the helmet position of the X-903 can be individually adjusted in height to the wearer's head shape. In addition, large mesh areas ensure airy-free comfort even on long trips. The cheek pads, which are precisely shaped in an elaborate 3D process, ensure optimum fit and are also available in different thicknesses.
The good news for eyeglass wearers: Thanks to removable padding on the sides, the helmet provides enough space for the stirrups, the glasses always sit perfectly and form no unpleasant pressure points.

Also in terms of safety, the new X-903 is at the highest level: The NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System allows first responders to remove the cheek pads in a few easy steps to remove the helmet with little force - an important plus in the event of a fall.
Of course, the X-903 is also well equipped in terms of communication: Thanks to a comprehensive preparation from the factory, the state-of-the-art, in-house n-com communication systems can be assembled with just a few simple steps. A not to be underestimated advantage: The n-com controls lie - elegantly and aerodynamically favorable - flat on the helmet shell.

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