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N-COM headset B902 X for X-Lite helmets X-1005 X-903 X-403 X-1004 X-1003 X-1002 X-702 X-701 and more

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N-COM Headset B902 X Series - perfectly matched for X-Lite motorcycle helmets

Single set

For all motorcyclists who value high performance and a shared riding experience, the N-Com B902 X Series offers the best audio quality and optimal installation in the helmet. Thanks to the audio multitasking function, simultaneous reception from different audio sources connected to N-Com is possible. The functions Auto ON / OFF, multilingual spoken messages and Smart Conference make the N-Com B902 X Series a versatile and powerful intercom system, ideal for those who travel long distances.

B902, a system that fully meets the motorcyclist's passions.

Compatible with the following X-Lite helmets:
  • X-1005
  • X-1005 Ultra Carbon
  • X-903
  • X-903 Ultra Carbon
  • X-403 GT Ultra Carbon
  • X-1004
  • X-1004 Ultra Carbon
  • X-1003
  • X-1002
  • X-702
  • X-702 Ultra Carbon
  • X-701
  • X-661
  • X-661 Extreme Titanium
  • X-603
  • X-602
  • X-551
  • X-551 GT
  • X-403 GT
  • X-402
  • X-402 GT
  • X-402 T

The technical data of the N-COM B902 X for X-Lite helmets

Certificates and approvals
  • Certificates: Bluetooth 4.1, class 1 ''
  • Approvals: FCC, IC, CE, C-tick
  • Bluetooth profiles: headset, handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Omnidirectional Bluetooth antenna, optimized and patented to be positioned in the lower rear part of the helmet
Audio functions
  • Full duplex intercom (HD quality)
  • High quality hi-fi stereo sound
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • VOICE PROMPT: Multilingual voice announcements of the system
  • DSP: dynamic noise reduction while connected to the intercom
  • Auto ON / OFF: automatic switching on and off of the system by the acceleration sensor.
AUX input
  • Aux-in for wired connection to MP3 players (cables sold separately)
  • Mini USB connection cable for management on the PC included in delivery
  • Perfectly integrated into the helmet
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Control buttons built into the helmet: Ergonomic design, easy operation even with motorized gloves, 4 control buttons
  • Can be exchanged from one Nolan N-Com helmet to another
  • Weight B902: 110 grams.
Battery and charger
  • Rechargeable, replaceable lithium battery
  • Fast Charge: allows the system to be charged quickly. The function is available using the supplied USB charger and USB cable
  • SAVE BATTERY: the N-Com amplifier automatically switches off if no active audio sources can be heard
  • Low battery level with acoustic and optical signal
  • Talking time: 15 hours
  • Charger: 100 / 240V - 50/60 Hz

B902 X N-COM - The properties and features

Intercom function
  • Driver / passenger intercom function via Bluetooth
  • Intercom function from motorcycle to motorcycle via Bluetooth. One-on-one conversations. "Call motorcycle-motorcycle" function.
  • * The carbon fibers used in the construction of the X-Lite helmets impair the transmission of the Bluetooth radio signals. The amount and / or the location of the carbon on the helmet result in a reduced communication range, which can vary depending on the helmet model. The reduction of the range affects all built-in or non-built-in communication systems on the market.
  • Smart Conference (group intercom connection) Simultaneous group calls between 4 N-Com systems of the “900” series Universal Conference (chained intercom connection) Simultaneous group calls between 4 N-Com systems of the “900” series and a system connected in the “Universal Intercom” operating mode
  • VOX: activation and deactivation of the intercom speech function
  • Via Bluetooth with communication systems Bluetooth Nolangroup (with the exception of Bluetooth Kit and Bluetooth Kit2, which are not compatible)
  • Compatible with communication systems from other manufacturers
  • Telephone calls via Bluetooth: answer by voice input, accepting and ending a call, voice control, redialing, switch intercom / phone automatic management
  • Automatic interruption of the intercom connection and the audio source during a call. Automatic reconnection after the end of the call
  • Conference call function: conference call between driver, passenger and caller
  • Connect up to two cell phones
  • Store 3 speed dial numbers with the speed dial call command
  • Smart Navi System: the smart smartphone navigation device
  • iPhone ™ and Android ™ Compatible. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. / Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

MP3 player

  • Bluetooth connections with A2DP MP3 player: play, pause, stop, skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)
  • Sharing music via Bluetooth with a second helmet (Music Sharing)

navigation device

  • Connection via Bluetooth with compatible navigation devices: directions, MP3 music, phone calls (with corresponding models)

FM radio

  • Built-in FM radio: search for radio stations, 6 presets
  • RDS function: automatic search for the stronger radio signal
  • Automatic mute for incoming calls

Audio multitasking

  • Simultaneous audio reception from different audio sources connected to N-Com.
  • Compatibility with Android devices. Use of the audio multitasking function is restricted on iOS devices.
  • Function only available between B902 systems.

Motorcycle audio systems

  • Connection via Bluetooth to the audio systems from Ducati, BMW, KTM, Honda Goldwing, Harley Davidson
  • Possibility of listening in the helmet to all audio signals coming from the motorcycle
  • Possibility of adjusting the volume of all audio signals coming from the motorcycle by operating the control device attached to the handlebar (on the relevant models)
  • For more information, consult the relevant pages in the CONNECTIVITY section

Management from the PC

  • Management from PC via mini USB cable (included)
  • The N-Com Easyset program can be downloaded from the support area. Set audio parameters, update firmware, preset FM radio stations, save phone numbers for speed dialing
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac

N-COM app

  • Management of the N-Com system from Android, iPhone, iPad smartphone thanks to the new N-Com Easyset app
  • Intercom Easy Pairing: the N-Com systems are linked using the QR code generated on your own smartphone. This function is only available between the B902 systems

Remote control with remote access

  • Compatibility via Bluetooth with the remote control with remote access SENA RC4 (optionally available)
  • Control of the N-Com system via the remote control device attached to the handlebar of the motorcycle
  • For more information on the connection and the functionality, please consult the B902 and RC4 manual.

The connectivity of the B902 X from N-COM

Bluetooth connections

Bluetooth connection to smartphone

Bluetooth connection to Mp3 players

Bluetooth connection to navigation devices

Bluetooth connection to other brands of intercom systems

Bluetooth connection to the motorcycle's own communication systems

Cable connections

The system runs in stereo mode with the Multimedia Wire2 Mp3 mini USB code CPA0000000010.
Note: It is not possible to remain on intercom with the passenger while using the audio system via cable.

The system works in stereo with the Multimedia Wire2 Honda Goldwing mini USB - Code CNC000I000003.

The system works in stereo with the Multimedia Wire2 Harley Davidson mini USB - Code CNC0000000007.

Aditional Information
Manufacturer number 200906
model name X-Lite B902 X
Age group Erwachsene
Gender Unisex
Material No
Waterproof No
Helmet Type No
ECE test No
Pinlock No
Sun Visor No
shutter No
with CE Approval No
Brand X-Lite
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