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Shark AERON GP sports full-face helmet with patented spoiler and Hi-End visor technology ECE 22.06

(uvp) €1,080.00


(uvp) €1,080.00


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Shark Aeron GP Sports Full Face Helmet - At one with the air

The Shark Aeron GP Sports Full Face Helmet is at the forefront of helmet technology, a masterpiece for racing enthusiasts and high-speed aficionados. This highlight combines groundbreaking adaptability with an aerodynamic finesse that gives the rider the decisive advantage on the slopes. Weighing just 1410g for size M and fully carbon construction, this helmet complies with the latest UNECE 22-06 norm and is available in sizes from XS to XXL.

Why you should choose the Shark Aeron GP sports full-face helmet should choose:

  • World first: A helmet that, thanks to the A²S - ADAPTIVE AERO SYSTEM, dynamically adapts to the riding position and back shape to achieve aerodynamic Significantly reduce turbulence and maximize speed.
  • Superior field of vision: With 220° side and 57° vertical visibility, this helmet goes beyond the standards and offers you an improved quality of perception that ensures safety and responsiveness .
  • High-end visor technology: A durable visor of optics class 1 with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating as well as a quick disassembly system for easy handling.
  • Experience at high speeds: By reducing air resistance and dampening turbulence, the Shark Aeron GP offers a driving experience that pushes you to your limits.
  • Comfort and hygiene: High-quality interior made of Alveotech with Sanitized® seal of approval, special adjustments for glasses wearers and ear comfort ensure a “second skin” feeling.

Key features of the Shark Aeron GP sports full-face helmet:

  • Adaptive aerodynamics: Patented spoiler and flaps reduce the aerodynamic Resistance and improve performance.
  • Weight and standard: Lightweight construction with carbon (1410 g, size M), meets the latest safety standards NORM UNECE 22-06.
  • High-tech ventilation: Sophisticated ventilation system with double Venturi effect, designed with CFD simulations for maximum comfort.
  • Innovative visor: High resistance visor without optical distortion, with variable thickness and quick disassembly system.
  • Best Fit Comfort: High-tech interior textiles offer maximum comfort, hygiene and are especially suitable for people who wear glasses.

Additional features:

  • Optimal field of vision: Extended visor design for maximum all-round vision and reduced dead Angle.
  • Thrill without compromise: dampening turbulence and reducing air resistance for unstoppable driving performance.
  • Adjustment: The helmet automatically adapts to different racing conditions and body shapes.
  • < li>Maximized ventilation: Perfect air flows thanks to 5 air inlets and 7 air outlets.
  • Quality materials: Anodized visor mechanism, double D chin strap and magnetic AUTO-LOCK.

Each Detail of the Shark Aeron GP Sports Full Face Helmet is designed to maximize the adrenaline rush at high speeds while ensuring comfort and safety through sophisticated technologies. Immerse yourself in a world of precision, speed and top protection - with the Shark Aeron GP sports full-face helmet.

The Shark Aeron GP sports full-face helmet is an absolute masterpiece of engineering, designed specifically for speed lovers. Every single detail of this helmet has been carefully designed to maximize the adrenaline rush at high speeds while ensuring ultimate comfort and safety. Thanks to sophisticated technologies, the Shark Aeron GP sports full face helmet offers an unparalleled fit and a perfect fit on the head of the driver. By precisely tuning each element of the helmet, optimal aerodynamics are achieved, which in turn will make you feel like a real racing professional.

In addition to its impressive design, this helmet also impresses with its high-quality materials and workmanship. The Shark Aeron GP is made of robust fiberglass composite material that is not only extremely light but also has exceptional shock absorption properties. This means you are optimally protected on every journey - be it on the highway or when cornering.
Another highlight of this full-face helmet is its innovative ventilation system. It ensures that fresh air always flows into the helmet and that heat and moisture can be effectively transported away. So you stay pleasantly cool even during intensive rideshl and always keep a clear head.

In order to meet the highest safety standards, the Shark Aeron GP sports full-face helmet has a multi-layer EPS inner shell that offers optimal impact protection. The helmet is also equipped with an integrated visor, which ensures a clear view and maximum protection from wind and insects.
With the Shark Aeron GP you immerse yourself in a world full of speed, precision and top protection. Whether on the track or on the road, this helmet will give you the ultimate driving experience. Rest assured that your head is well protected and enjoy every second of your ride with this outstanding full-face helmet from Shark.

Aditional Information
model name Aeron GP
Age group Erwachsene
Gender Unisex
Material Carbon
Waterproof No
Helmet Type Integralhelm
ECE test ECE 22.06
Pinlock Nein
Sun Visor Nein
shutter Doppel-D Ring
with CE Approval No
Brand Shark
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