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Shoei GT-AIR 3 full face helmet ECE 22.06 with sun visor and pinlock


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The Shoei GT-Air 3 - The ideal sports and touring helmet for the highest demands

With the Shoei GT-Air 3, demanding motorcyclists receive a highly functional sports and touring helmet that not only... not only with its outstanding design, but also with its first-class comfort and innovative features. This helmet is homologated to the latest safety standards and offers performance at the highest level. Ready for the road - let's get going!

The 5 most important key features of the Shoei GT-Air 3 in brief:


  • Meets the requirements of the latest test standard ECE-R 22.06.
  • Stable AIM outer shell made of glass fibers and organic fibers for penetration resistance, lightness and flexibility.< /li>
  • Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell with different densities for optimal head protection.
  • Micro-Ratched System made of stainless steel for a comfortable and secure closure of the chin strap.
  • Emergency Quick Release System for easy and gentle removal of the helmet in an emergency.


  • CNS-1C visor system in various tints and mirror coatings available.
  • Prepared for PINLOCK® EVO lenses to minimize fogging (included in delivery).
  • Central locking mechanism for secure closure.
  • Infinitely extendable QSV-2 sun visor that almost completely covers the field of vision.
  • Optional yellow tint available, meets the EN 1836 standard for sun protection lenses.
  • Pronounced spoiler edges and contours minimize turbulence.
  • Smooth transitions between the helmet shell and visor for optimized aerodynamics.
  • Slim, low-wind resistance frontal chin area.
  • Powerful ventilation system with efficient forehead ventilation and high-mounted vents for improved air exchange.
  • Raised, contoured ventilation sliders make regulation easier.
  • Replaceable filter in the lower front ventilation prevents insects from entering.
  • 3 outer shell sizes (XS-M | L | XL-XXL) for an optimal fit and compact external dimensions.
  • 3D contoured head pad for supported air circulation and individual adjustment.
  • Pre-shaped cheek pads with a large contact surface, removable, washable and available in various sizes Sizes available.
  • Padded chin strap cover for a secure and comfortable hold of the helmet, removable, washable and replaceable.


The Shoei GT- Air 3 combines safety, comfort, aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort in an outstanding integral helmet. With its innovative features and high-quality materials, it offers motorcyclists an unparalleled riding experience. In addition, it is prepared for the intelligent integration of the SRL3 Mesh communication system via the SHOEI COMLINK interface.

GT-Air 3 is the third generation of a helmet series

The GT-Air 3 is the third generation of a helmet series that has been popular with motorcyclists worldwide since its launch in 2013 for its outstanding wearability, comfort features and safety features. With homologation according to the requirements of ECE-R 22.06, the GT-Air 3 sets new standards for sporty premium touring helmets. The dynamic design, the functional design and the individually adjustable fit make it a top-class helmet. The Shoei GT-Air 3 is a helmet that was made to meet the highest demands. It not only offers an excellent fit and a comfortable fit, but also innovative features such as the integrated sun visor or the Pinlock anti-fog lens. The helmet has excellent ventilation with five air inlets at the front and two exhaust vents at the back of the head. The outer shell of the helmet is made of a high-quality multifiber composite material, while several layers of EPS foam are used inside to optimally protect the head. The cheek cushions are removable and washable - so your helmet always stays fresh and clean. Another highlight of the GT-Air 3 is the communication system from Sena (SRL3), which can be seamlessly integrated into the helmet. This means you can listen to music or make phone calls without losing your focus on the road. In summary: If you are looking for a sporty touring helmet, you should definitely take a closer look at the Shoei GT-Air 3!

The data and features of the GT Air 3 full-face helmet from Shoei


  • Latest safety standard - Meets the requirements of the ECE-R 22.06 test standard.
  • Stable AIM outer shell - The high-performance and complex developed by SHOEI Structure AIM made of glass fibers and organic fibers combines penetration resistance, lightness and flexibility.
  • Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell - Combined EPS inner shell elements of different densities protect the head in the event of an impact.
  • Micro-Ratched System Made of stainless steel - Pleasantly narrow, padded chin strap with easy-to-use quick release.
  • Emergency Quick Release System - Pull-out cheek pads make it easier to remove the helmet gently in an emergency.


CNS-1C visor system

  • Available in various tints and mirror finishes
  • Prepared for anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lenses
  • Includes Pinklock
  • With central locking mechanism for secure closure
  • Closed in a draft- and rain-tight manner thanks to the spring-loaded visor mechanism

Integrated QSV-2 sun visor

  • Infinitely extendable
  • Covers the usable field of vision almost completely
  • Can be changed without tools
  • Optionally available in yellow tint
  • Complies with the EN 1836 standard for sun protection lenses


Pronounced spoiler edges and contours< br>

  • Smooth transitions between helmet shell and visor reduce turbulence
  • Slim front chin area reduces wind resistance


Powerful ventilation system

  • Aerodynamically optimized forehead ventilation promotes the inflow of airstream
  • Aerodynamically positioned high ventilation openings support the exchange of air
  • < li>Raised, contoured ventilation sliders make regulation easier

Protection from intruders

  • A replaceable filter in the lower front ventilation prevents insects from entering
  • Removable, easy to clean, replaceable


  • 3 outer shell sizes
    For a wide Size range, perfect fit and compact external dimensions. (XS-M | L | XL-XXL)

3D contoured head pad

  • Supports air circulation
  • < li>Removable, washable, individually adjustable
  • A retractable pad allows height adjustment

Pre-shaped cheek pads

  • With a large contact surface for a stable fit of the helmet
  • Removable, washable, replaceable.
  • Available in different sizes for individual adjustment

Padded chin strap cover

  • For a secure and comfortable hold of the helmet
  • Removable, washable, replaceable


  • SHOEI COMLINK interface
  • Prepared for the elegant integration of the SRL3 Mesh communication system.(optionally available)

Developed with the highest standards

Developed in the company's own wind tunnel, the aerodynamic design of the GT-Air 3 combines efficient ventilation with optimal operability of all controls and sliders, even with gloves. This ensures pleasant ventilation and at the same time reduces noise exposure for the wearer. The integrated QSV-2 sun visor offers excellent glare protection even when the sun is low. With Shoei's revolutionary COMLINK interface, SENA's SRL3 MESH communication system can be seamlessly integrated. The micro-ratchet closure of the pleasantly narrow chin strap makes it easier to put the helmet on and take it off and ensures incomparable wearing comfort.

As a sporty touring helmet, the Shoei GT-Air 3 impresses with its high-performance outer shell made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix ). Thanks to the combination of glass fibers and organic fibers, the helmet shell combines flexibility with low weight. The polystyrene core system with different absorbency provides optimal protection in the event of an impact. The PINLOCK®EVO lens effectively reduces the tendency of the visor to fog up, even in poor weather conditions.

The CNS-1C visor, with its high optical quality and large field of vision, enables distortion-free perception of traffic, even at the edge of the road field of view. It also offers high UV protection. In an emergency, the cheek pads can be easily removed using the EQRS system (Emergency Quick Release System) to protect the helmet

Aditional Information
model name GT-Air 3
Age group Erwachsene
Gender Unisex
Material Fiberglas
Waterproof No
Helmet Type Integralhelm
ECE test ECE 22.06
Pinlock Ja - MaxVision Pinlock
Sun Visor Ja
shutter Mikro-Ratschen-/Riemenverschluss
with CE Approval No
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