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Caberg Horus flip-up helmet with P/J homologation sun visor and Pinlock

(uvp) €259.99


(uvp) €259.99


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Caberg Horus flip-up helmet: Your perfect companion for every tour

The Caberg Horus flip-up helmet is the ideal choice for anyone who is out and about in the city as well as on longer tours. With its elegant design, dual homologation (P/J) and numerous technical refinements, it offers everything a discerning rider could wish for. This helmet combines the advantages of a full-face helmet with the flexibility of a jet helmet, setting new standards in terms of comfort and safety.

Why you should definitely have the Caberg Horus flip-up helmet:

  • Double homologation (P/J): Developed for maximum safety as a full-face and jet helmet.
  • Integrated sun visor: Optimum protection from bright sunlight while riding.
  • Removable and washable interior: For maximum hygiene and comfort.
  • High-quality visor technology: Scratch-resistant visor including Pinlock® and quick and easy replacement.
  • Prepared for Bluetooth communication set: Stay connected on the go.

The 5 outstanding features of the Caberg Horus flip-up helmet in detail

Every motorcyclist knows how important a good helmet is. The Caberg Horus flip-up helmet is not only extremely functional, but also offers a variety of features that make it the perfect companion for every ride:

  • Double homologation (P/J): This certification guarantees maximum safety in both helmet configurations - as a full-face helmet and as a jet helmet. Whether you are riding on long tours or in the city, you are always optimally protected.
  • Integrated sun visor: This practical feature protects you from blinding sunlight and can be easily folded in and out. This allows you to ride safely and relaxed at all times.
  • Removable and washable interior: The inner padding can be easily removed and washed, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. This means you can clean your helmet regularly and keep it fresh at all times.
  • High-quality visor technology: The scratch-resistant visor and Pinlock® technology ensure clear vision in all conditions. The quick and easy visor change makes the helmet particularly user-friendly.
  • Bluetooth preparation: The helmet is compatible with Bluetooth communication sets so that you can communicate with friends or listen to navigation announcements while on the move.

Product features of the Caberg Horus flip-up helmet

  • Material: Thermoplastic (ABS)
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 1. 650g (+/-50g)
  • Folding helmet with one-handed operation
  • Front part locks in the unfolded state
  • Helmet can also be ridden as a jet helmet by folding up the front part
  • Homologated as a full-face helmet and jet helmet (P/J)
  • Scratch-resistant visor including Pinlock®
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Easy and quick visor change
  • Visor and head ventilation
  • Anti-rain profile
  • Double anti-turbulent neck protection
  • Removable wind stopper
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Micro Metric helmet fastener
  • High-quality multi-layer coating with UV protection
  • Removable wind stopper
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Micro Metric helmet fastener
  • High-quality multi-layer coating with UV protection
  • Prepared for Bluetooth communication set
  • ECE 22. 05
  • Sizes: XS (53-54), S (55-56), M (57-58), L (59-60), XL (61-62), 2XL (63)

Special features of the Caberg Horus flip-up helmet in detail

The Caberg Horus flip-up helmet scores particularly highly thanks to its dual homologation (P/J), which certifies it as both a full-face helmet and a jet helmet. This flexibility is particularly interesting for riders who love both short city rides and extended tours. The integrated sun visor significantly improves riding comfort in a wide range of light conditions. Thanks to the removable and washable interior, the helmet always remains hygienically clean, even during intensive use. The scratch-resistant visor with Pinlock® technology ensures optimum visibility in any weather - rain or shine. The preparation for a Bluetooth communication set allows you to stay connected on the go, whether for calls, music or navigation instructions.

Caberg Horus flip-up helmet - your ideal companion on two wheels

The Caberg Horus flip-up helmet is more than just a helmet - it is your reliable companion on every ride. With its dual homologation, it guarantees you the highest possible level of safety while offering the comfort of a jet helmet. Its versatile features such as the integrated sun visor, the removable and washable interior and the high-quality multi-layer coating make it a real all-rounder. Whether you're cruising through the city or travelling on long journeys, the Caberg Horus flip-up helmet always offers you optimum protection and maximum comfort. Invest in your safety and enjoy every ride - with the Caberg Horus flip-up helmet.

Aditional Information
model name Horus
Age group Erwachsene
Gender Unisex
Material Polycarbonat
Waterproof No
Helmet Type Klapphelm
ECE test ECE 22.05
Pinlock Ja
Sun Visor Ja
shutter Mikro-Ratschen-/Riemenverschluss
with CE Approval No
Brand Caberg
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